At Fountainhead Prep (FHP), our aim is to provide a top-notch platform, with curated content and an expert evaluation service that ensures each and every test-taker is able to achieve his/her target score. We follow a unique training philosophy, which helps a test-taker plan effectively and prepare smartly. The guidance provided by our experienced experts that focuses on highlighting the faltering points and providing customised suggestions on improvements is highly rated across the globe and has helped hundreds of students excel in their preparation journey and ace the test with flying colours. 

The biggest difference between FHP and our competitors is our commitment to providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution for students through our product offerings. A lot of test prep companies provide products without any result, we focus on individual needs & make them progress through our recommendations/guidance using our product/services. We are proud of being the only platform in the world that provides verbal/video feedback for all evaluation requests.

What FHP offers all students..

Live Classes

At FHP, our test experts conduct regular online classes to support our students in their test preparation journey. These online sessions provide students a great learning experience and they learn many tips & strategies linked to the topics covered. 

Additionally, these sessions provide students an opportunity to do live practice and learn with other students.  For students with specific needs, we also offer individual classes, which helps students in focused learning or fast tracking the preparation process. Apart from the above-mentioned classes, we also conduct free sessions for our new joiners.

test Experts

At FHP, we consider our test experts as our biggest assets. Our experts ensure that each individual student joining FHP for test preparation, receives the best guidance & support throughout their preparation journey. FHP experts are well renowned for providing our students with the most accurate test evaluations; students are easily able to distinguish their areas of strengths & weaknesses from these assessments and by following our expert recommendation are able to achieve their target scores within a short period of time. 

Our experts invest considerable time in each student attempt evaluation and thus are able to provide individual level recommendations for score improvement.

Our analysis shows 85% users improve their overall scores by at least 20 points in their subsequent attempt by applying our expert’s advice.

quality content

FHP’s approach for developing test content and evaluation techniques differentiates us from our competitors. At FHP, we believe in preparing our students for each & every aspect of the test by understanding the expectation of the test-taker.

We do not believe in sharing templates, rather ensure our students understand the right approach & technique to answer each section/question type and prepare them to be able to handle each & every question. Our platform offers numerous sectional & full-length mock tests; these provide students an opportunity of unlimited practice.  

96% of our students who perform consistently well in at least 5 Mock Tests evaluated by our experts, achieve their target score in the first attempt.

Our Training Philosophy

We believe that the success of any learning process relies on its simplicity and its ability to enhance one’s skill-level; a process that enables one to perform even complex tasks effortlessly. 

Keeping this in mind, we tell this to all our students –

Learn, Practice & Achieve”

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To begin with, students must first learn the basics of the test they plan to attempt. This involves knowing the exam-structure, sections, question types, flow/format, duration etc. It is equally important that one is aware of the importance of all the question types – the weightage each question type holds, the amount of time that one needs to invest in each of these question types, the scoring rubrics and what exactly an evaluator (machine or human) will be looking for in your attempts. Moreover, a test-taker must also understand their ability level in the beginning phase of their preparation – a process that allows a test-taker to find answers to some of the basic questions related to their skill level such as “what are the question types that you are comfortable with?”,  “what are the areas where you’re strong/weak at?” etc. 

In order to achieve our objective in the learning phase, FHP recommends all students to attempt our specially designed Diagnostic Test & apply for an expert evaluation. “If you show us your attempts, our experts will be able to diagnose the problems that you’re facing (might face) from the very beginning and provide you guidance on how to overcome those problems.  “From your attempt our experts will get details like your area of weakness/improvement and the type of mistakes you make in each section/question type. By implementing our expert’s feedback, you will surely be able to improve your performance in the next attempt.


Most important aspect of any test preparation is judging your current level & FHP Diagnostic test evaluation by our test expert, helps you create best preparation plan as per your assessment.

To learn from our experts register for our online classes

  • Group Classes
  • One-on-one Class
  • Free Weekend Class
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We believe there are only two ways in which one can practice for the test – one, the ‘bad’ way and other, the ‘good’ way.

So, what is a bad way of practicing?

Simply put, a bad way of practicing lacks planning. A test-taker randomly browsing through articles/videos that are available online, resorting to hearsay, blindly believing all that is there on the internet without questioning the logic, all these amounts to bad practice.

A good way of practicing relies on efficient planning. A test-taker should very well be aware of what & how exactly they need to practice. The quality of preparation materials, tutoring, interacting with the experts, all these are indispensable part of a good practicing scheme. 

For any of our test prep offerings, we ensure that we provide a platform where test-takers will be able to find curated materials devoid of errors. We also make sure that test-takers get a chance to practice in an environment like the actual test. The simulation of all the modules is an exact replica of the actual test, with accurate test components and test data. FHP platform thus provides students with the best practice environment with specific section/question type tests or full-length mock tests.

Getting regular expert feedback is a part of making your practice more focused and accurate.  The evaluations that we offer are one of its kind. It is interactive and it tells you precisely where you’re going wrong; it also tells you whether you’re doing it right or if there is any scope of improvement.

We boast of being the world’s only platform that provides verbal/video feedback for any of the test attempt that a test-taker request evaluation for. Our experts have experience of going over thousands of attempts and they can give you insights like no one else. They provide each and every test-taker individual level tips & customized strategy to ensure success. Students are advised to periodically attempt full length mock tests – apply for expert evaluation – receive scores & video feedback to track improvement and exceed their target score. Based on our expert’s guidance, students can practice specific question types, apply regularly for expert evaluation wherever required. The best part is you get to choose what you want to apply for evaluation making it cost-effective.

FHp practice
how to use

All FHP offers, provide students with unlimited access to our content – full length mock tests | sectional tests targeting all questions types.

Buy any of our package for best price & save money.

FHP PTE Packages

  • Self-Prep Package
  • Self -Prep Plus
  • 65+ PTE Package
  • 79+ PTE Package
  • One-on-One PTE Package
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FHP is among the best online platforms with exceptional results & consistently high scoring students. Any student following our expert guidance is sure to exceed his/her target score in the actual test. We at Fountainhead Prep help you – Plan Accurately; Work Precisely & Achieve Easily. With our top-rated expert guidance and brilliant analytics, you don’t need to spend too much time and money to achieve your target score.

By providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution for students through our product offerings & expert evaluation, FHP has been able to provide consistent results. We at FHP, focus on individual need & make individuals achieve their target scores through our expert guidance.

FHP is among the best online coaching platforms with exceptional results & consistently high scoring students. Any student following our expert guidance is sure to exceed his/her target score in the actual test.
FHP Students

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Achieve your target score.

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What our students say...

Fountainhead is the best PTE preparation website I have come across. The feedback provided in the mock test is very realistic and valuable. Ambarish is very knowledge and has a very deep insight into the course content, preparedness and making it a true success. Really grateful to have found you! I owe my success in achieving 79+ to you. Thanks

– Swati

Fountainhead Prep is “The Best” platform to help anyone securing top marks in PTE.
Coach “Ambrish” specifically, is a man with great knowledge and will patiently guide you in every step. He has an eagle eye to point even slightest of mistakes and suggest you the key improvement areas. I believe anyone, with their coaching methodology, can get ready for exams in just no time.

– Jasmeet
I am attending Online sessions which are The most interactive and I appreciate Ambrish sir for trying to clear every doubt asked by participants and help out in improving mistakes, plus doing evaluation live. I am looking forward for practicing everything and get desired score. THANK YOU.
– Sheela