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Practicing PTE in Quarantine

If you are a responsible citizen, following the requests of the government, you must be reading this article sitting comfortably in your house during lockdown or quarantine.

When the quarantine began, it was like a dream come true, wasn’t it? Not being forced to leave the house all day; in fact, forced to stay indoors. Catching up on those TV series, sleeping for most part of the day and connecting with friends. But then it got boring. We ran out of series to watch, topics to talk about and got bored of sleeping. Now what?

Now is the time to study for that exam you had been procrastinating. There is never a better moment to study for PTE-A when you don’t have external distractions. But won’t it get boring, studying all day, everyday? The best part is, it won’t!

PTE has such a diverse range of question types and skill tests that you can easily switch between and study different things at different times. All this preparation will help you get good scores, without feeling bored of studying. But where to start?

Start with learning English grammar

English grammar is an essential part of all sections of the PTE-A. Moreover, it is also beneficial in real life. Since it is a vast subject which requires a lot of practice over time, it is best to start with learning the basics so that you can revise them over time. Start with prepositions, conjunctions, tenses, adverbs, adjectives and sentence structures. Fountainhead Prep offers a well developed grammar module to help students prepare for PTE-A in the best way!

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It is generally a good habit to read. Reading not only helps with understanding the English language better, but also makes an individual more receptive and understanding. Reading doesn’t necessarily mean reading thrillers, fantasy or romance. There is a wide variety of reading material available, both academic and non-academic. Choose your area of interest and read extensively.

Take PTE mock tests

Attempting the mock tests will give you a fair idea of the type of questions that appear in the real exam. These mock tests are a true representation of the real test, and the questions included in these mock tests are the ones that recurrently appear in the real test. Fountainhead Prep offers free PTE mock tests that are available for all. Once you understand the exam pattern, you can also go ahead and ask for a detailed evaluation of your attempt. This evaluation is done by PTE coaches who are highly experienced in the field. You will receive a thorough feedback for your attempt and you are encouraged to practice further with Fountainhead Prep.

Watch English movies with subtitles

When you get bored of reading and studying, you can always watch movies! It might look like a past-time, but actually they will prepare you for the listening section of PTE-A! Understanding the different accents and tone of speaking is the key to score well in the test. What’s better is to watch these movies with subtitles. They will not only help you in understanding the dialogues better, but also enhance your reading ability!

Practise speaking in English

English is the second language for most Indians. It is all right to not be fluent in it. But while preparing for PTE, you need to learn the correct pronunciation of words. It is also important to have the correct tone while speaking sentences, and to place emphasis on the right words. The best way to do that is to practise at home. Talk to your parents and friends in English. If you feel awkward, stand in front of a mirror and practise speaking. The best way is to start thinking in English. It’s okay to falter, but learn from your mistakes and start again. You will get there!

Saving the world has never been so easy. All you need to do is sit at home peacefully. Consider this a golden opportunity to study for PTE-A and improve your score. Once we successfully conquer over this rising pandemic, let’s emerge as our better selves!

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