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PTE Reading section: Tips to score better

Reading section in PTE-A assesses the test taker’s ability to read and understand passages in the academic setting. Therefore, an extensive knowledge of academic concepts like English grammar, common expression and idioms is extremely important. Here are some tips to help you score better in the Reading section:

  • Take care of the details

Reading is a complex skill. There are times when you might interpret the meaning of the sentence differently from what it really is. The options given in the various sections of the Reading Section are often confusing and tricky. The incorrect options include the important keywords from the passage, but do not convey the same meaning. The test taker who just skims through the paragraph on the surface and tries to attempt the questions by associating the keywords in the passage with those in the options, often marks the wrong answer. Reading every sentence carefully is important to understand its meaning and select the right answer.

  • Use the knowledge of grammar

Working on your basic grammatical concepts like tenses, synonyms, antonyms and idioms is a great way to get your desired score in PTE. Yet, there are times when you may not understand some sentences in the passage. In this case, refer to the context of the passage. Read the sentence before and after the confusing sentence and if you have practised enough academic reading, you will be able to derive the meaning of that sentence in the given context.

  • Develop good vocabulary

The Reading section of PTE-A can have passages whose topics range from academics to literature to normal life. In Fill in the Blanks questions, differentiating between the 4 options may get very difficult if you do not have a good vocabulary. Hence, it is essential to read as many academic articles and practise as many questions as possible to be prepared for this section. Note the unknown word, look for its meaning, and try to use it in your daily life. Using them often will make these words a part of your vocabulary and you will remember them not only while attempting the exam, but all your life.

  • Use the elimination strategy

There are times when you might get stuck on a question in the real PTE exam. A tricky word, or a complex sentence that you just can’t understand. Remember to not panic in such situations. Think clearly about the words appearing on the screen. If you can’t figure out the right answer at once, eliminate the options that are nowhere close to the answer. Eliminating the wrong responses will eventually lead you to the right one.

This section can consume more time than you planned if you do not approach it the right way. To ace this section, you need speed of reading and accuracy in understanding. As you read more, your vocabulary is also deemed to improve. However, plain reading is not enough; you need extensive practise of PTE mock tests and practice questions to do well in this section. Fountainhead Prep provides full length PTE diagnostic tests that you can easily take online. Our expert PTE coaches help you understand your weaknesses and help you overcome them! We have helped many students achieve the perfect score in PTE. You could be next!

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