Thank you for choosing Fountainhead Prep (FHP) for your PTE preparation. Please find below detailed steps to understand the FHP recommended PTE Preparation Pathway.


Request you to watch this video to understand our training methodology in less than 90 seconds. 

Please read in detail Fountainhead Prep’s recommended preparation pathway to ace your PTE journey:

Step 1: Login to, attempt PTE Diagnostic Test. (Login > Navigate to Exams > Full Length > PTE Diagnostic Test)

What is PTE Diagnostic Test?

 It is a 3 hour full length mock test similar to an actual PTE-A exam. Taking this test in the beginning phase of your preparation will give you an overall understanding of the exam structure.

Why attempt the PTE Diagnostic Test first? 

Our analysis indicates, test-takers who attempt PTE Diagnostic Test at the start of their PTE preparation are able to complete their preparation at a much faster rate. Hence, we highly recommend you to get started with this step at the earliest.

 Step 2: Post test completion, apply for PTE Diagnostic Test expert evaluation.

What is an expert evaluation? 

Once you apply for an evaluation, one of our experts will go through your attempts, question by question and once the evaluation process is completed, you will be able to see your current level on your dashboard along with your performance level in each of the 20 question types. This will help you understand how far (or close) you are from your target score enabling you to plan and prepare efficiently.

Why apply for an evaluation?  

FHP is the only platform, where you get video/verbal feedback of your performance from our experts. You will also get a chance to speak to our experts and clarify your doubts. The feedback  is detailed enough to make you clearly understand your faltering points and the best approach that works for you.  The feedback duration averages around 60 minutes per mock test evaluation, where we

o    help you identify your areas of strength & weakness

o    explain to you the relative importance of each of the 20 question types

o     show you the correct approach for  answering all the 20 question type

o    advice you on next steps to help you improve your score

We offer a free evaluation of PTE Diagnostic Test to all users who purchase PTE Self Prep Package and complete PTE Diagnostic Test within a certain time period.  Complete PTE Diagnostic Test in next 7 days and apply for evaluation using the coupon code (worth USD 10) <shared in welcome email> .

Step3: Watch – Fountainhead Prep Online Videos

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel for our online sessions split into easy to grasp modules. You will also find talk by FHP students (who scored perfect 90 in PTE), sharing their PTE preparation strategy and test-taking experiences. 

Step4: Attempt tests from the platform and periodically apply for evaluation.

Based on our expert’s advice, use the FHP platform to practice all the 20 question types or full mock-tests. Periodically, apply for expert evaluation and clearly understand your faltering points. Each evaluation will be equivalent to a one-on-one session, which will help you do the course correction and excel in your PTE preparation. 

Step5: Book your official PTE exam with us at a discounted price .

Once you are confident, book your official PTE exam. Let us know once you’re ready for the exam, we will help you with Pearson vouchers to book the official PTE exam at a discounted rate. Applicable only if you are taking the exam in India test centers. 

Hope this helps! 

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Happy Learning.